Laid-Off Elmsford Hostess Workers Eligible For Benefits

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Former workers at the Hostess Brands Bakery Outlet in Elmsford are eligible for income and job search benefits. Photo Credit: The Daily Voice file/Samantha Kramer

ELMSFORD, N.Y. — Elmsford Hostess workers who lost their jobs when Hostess Brands went out of business in November are eligible for benefits including federal income and job search allowances, the U.S Department of Labor announced Tuesday.

The department said 572 laid-off Hostess workers from the 20 bakery and distribution centers in New York, including Elmsford, are eligible to apply for Trade Adjustment Assistance after a federal investigation found that increased imports of the snack products had affected the company's sales.

The investigation was initiated in response to a petition filed in November by a state workforce office representing Interstate Brands Corporation, an owned subsidiary of Hostess Brands, according to the Department of Labor's report.

Elmsford's Hostess Brands Bakery Outlet, 125 S. Central Ave., joined 564 distribution centers across the country in November that were shut down after an ongoing Bakers Union strike.

Under Trade Adjustment Assistance, workers whose jobs were lost or threatened due to trade-related circumstances are eligible for job training, health coverage tax credits, wage subsidies and job search and relocation allowances, according to the Labor Department's website.

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Of course they can collect, what would you expect? What a waste of space!

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