Singer/Songwriter David Jacobsen To Play In Tarrytown Saturday

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Singer/songwriter David W. Jacobsen
Singer/songwriter David W. Jacobsen Photo Credit: Courtesy David W. Jacobsen

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- Singer/songwriter David W. Jacobsen is set to play at Coffee Labs Roasters in Tarrytown on Saturday, May 17.

Jacobsen will perform from 8 to 10 p.m., at the venue, 7 Main St. The performance is set to highlight Jacobsen's new album "Not What I Meant." 

"The album is a collection of songs mostly centered on melodic, acoustic guitar playing with lyrics that range from poetic, to quirky, to sarcastic," Jacobsen said. "My live shows have a humorous element as some of the material is comedic in tone."

While the show features elements of comedy, Jacobsen noted that there are also strong elements of heartbreak and reflection. 

"The album contains humorous and reflective songs about failing to communicate," Jacobsen said. "It deals with misunderstandings and their lighthearted or heartbreaking repercussions. Lyrics play on miscommunications where one party and the other are on different pages and sometimes at least one of the two is unaware of this discrepancy. Musically, it is predominated by melodic acoustic guitars accompanied by a rhythm section and occasional mandolin."

To learn more, visit Jacobsen's website

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I reviewed several of Dave's albums and performances. He is an eclectic songwriter and performer having performed sporadically in our area. My favorite song has always been "I Hate My Job" but doubt he'll be performing that one. His songs are fun and you'll probably have a good time if you go to see him perform. Welcome back Dave!