Busy Greenburgh Intersection Gets Residents' Attention

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The busy intersection of Ardsley Road and Sprain Road at 2 p.m. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
The corner of Ardsley and Sprain roads is especially busy at morning and evening rush hours.
The corner of Ardsley and Sprain roads is especially busy at morning and evening rush hours. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

GREENBURGH, N.Y. - Town of Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner has sent a memo to Greenburgh Police Chief Joseph J. DeCarlo forwarding residents' suggestions about placing a traffic light at the busy intersection of Ardsley Road and Sprain Road.


What should be done to help control the traffic at Ardsley and Sprain Roads?

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What should be done to help control the traffic at Ardsley and Sprain Roads?

  • A stop light with turn arrows should be installed

  • A yellow caution light would help

  • The current stop sign on Sprain Road works well enough

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Ardsley Road and Sprain roads meet in a residential neighborhood used by motorists to travel through the Rivertowns and Greenburgh communities. The intersection traffic is currently controlled by stop signs on Sprain Road while Ardsley Road has moving traffic.

DeCarlo agreed that it was difficult to drive across the intersection at times of high volume traffic, but said warning signs in place on both roads slow drivers down somewhat and seem to be working to keep accidents at a minimum.

"This intersection has got to be the most desired spot for a traffic light," DeCarlo said. "Unfortunately, it is probably the least suited for one. Because of the curve and decline on Ardsley Road as vehicles approach the intersection with Sprain Road, a red traffic signal would cause many more traffic accidents in the form of rear-end collisions than we currently have now, which fortunately is very few

"Add inclement weather to the mix and it would be even worse. Likewise, a flashing red/yellow light in the intersection may cause some drivers to brake suddenly, thinking there is a traffic light there about to turn red which can also cause rear-end accidents. Traffic engineers that have evaluated this intersection for developments in the area also agree with this assessment."

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Correction: The intersection at Sprain Road and Ardsley Road has stop signs on Sprain Road not on Ardsley Road.

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Comments (7)

it works fine now. it is not broken.... do not fix it. Putting a stop light there will back up cars going westbound on the winding, curvey, hill that will cause rear end collisions as people come around the turn blindly. Also in snow and ice not good to stop suddenly on a curve.

let it be.. move on to more important issues

Ardsley and Fort Hill has improved since the blinking red traffic lights were installed...still some people not stopping, though...

There is no four way stop sign. There should be.

Unfortunately this intersection does not have a four-way stop sign. The only stop signs are on Sprain Rd. A computer controlled traffic light is the only solution.

We'll check in that one next, thanks DBsReVett.

I always travel those roads, have not had an issue. The issue we do have is up at Fort Hill and Ardsley Road, can't begin to tell you how many I have seen rush through the stop signs. Surprised there has not been a serious accident there yet. Some are always in a hurry and have no regard if you have been sitting there waiting your turn to make a right or left turn. And have seen some where if one car goes another is right on their ass moving too. Not only that if you have a large SUV, truck or van have seen them having a hard time turning because everyone seem to go right beyond the curbs, making to hard to turn.