Con Ed Will End Ardsley Shooting Range Lease, Feiner Says

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Town of Greenburgh Supervisor has called for the closure of an Ardsley shooting range.
Town of Greenburgh Supervisor has called for the closure of an Ardsley shooting range. Photo Credit: Daily Voice

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Con Edison told Town of Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner Wednesday that it is planning to terminate a lease where the Westchester Police Revolver and Rifle League has its range in Ardsley, Feiner said.

Feiner, who called for the closure of the gun range on July 2, after the fragment of a bullet allegedly grazed a neighboring resident, allegations the president of the league disputed.

"I received a call from the vice president of Con Ed a short time ago advising me that Con Ed plans to terminate the lease with the gun range on Ardsley Road, effective in 30 days," Feiner said. "They will continue to communicate with local law enforcement and officials during this transition."

The Westchester Police Revolver and Rifle League has leased the property on Ardsley Road for 73 years where it has the outdoor range. It is a private non-profit organization that is not affiliated with Westchester County or any police agency.  

Greenburgh Police have been investigating the complaint by the neighbor but have not released any findings.

"The police are investigating this matter," Feiner said in a statement. "Other residents have notified the police that bullet fragments have been found on their property. I have been supportive of the requests of many residents of Ardsley and Edgemont that outdoor gun ranges not be permitted in residential neighborhoods, near schools and playgrounds."

An indoor gun range is scheduled open sometime this summer this summer or early fall in a commercial area in the Elmsford section of Greenburgh.

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Comments (6)

Feiner caused another lawsuit against the many millions is this going to cost the tax payers? How the hell does this liar keep getting elected?

If you believe what a politician says at face value, you deserve what you get.

Get ready for two things:

ONE: the NRA

TWO: LAWSUIT, yup another one......

jemappel: FEINER is the cause of it. He took campaign $$ from the developer, Toll Brothers, KNOWING the range was there.

It sounds like this will be a win-win, because people have homes from the development and there will be an indoor gun range available soon!

Excellent!! An appropriate response from Feiner and ConEd.