Fire Commissioners Respond To Charges Chief Made Anti-Semitic Remarks

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner will meet with Fairview Fire Chief Anthony LoGuidice Friday, March 28 to discuss alleged anti-Semitic remarks made by the Chief.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner will meet with Fairview Fire Chief Anthony LoGuidice Friday, March 28 to discuss alleged anti-Semitic remarks made by the Chief. Photo Credit: Daily Voice

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner will meet Friday, March 28 with Fairview Fire Chief Anthony LoGuidice and the fire district's legal counsel to discuss recent allegations that LoGuidice made anti-Semitic remarks in regard to Feiner.

Feiner, who is Jewish, said LoGuidice asked for the meeting while the Fairview Board of Fire Commissioners investigates the matter. 

“I want to communicate to him how hurtful those comments are to an awful lot of people,” Feiner told “I’m hopeful, that if he made these comments, he will apologize and recognize how wrong it is.”

LoGuidice’s alleged anti-Semitic remarks were detailed in depositions made in non-related age discrimination case filed against the Fairview Fire Department by David Hecht, a 45-year-old Greenburgh native who was passed over twice for openings in the department.

A retired firefighter and Deputy Chief Howard Reiss both testified under oath that LoGuidice used crude remarks to characterize Feiner.

The Fairview Board of Fire Commissioners issued the following statement Thursday, March 27 via its website and Facebook pages. 

"A recent news report has noted a wholly inappropriate and embarrassing utterance by Chief Anthony LoGiudice,  which is completely unrelated to a meritless lawsuit presently being defended by the Fairview Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners and Chief LoGiudice. 

"The words do not reflect Chief LoGiudice’s true feelings. The words were spoken in an angry moment when Supervisor Feiner and the Chief were at odds over political issues related to Supervisor Feiner’s efforts to consolidate local fire districts with the Fairview Fire District. For reasons publicly outlined by Chief LoGiudice and earlier by the late Chief Mauro, Chief LoGiudice has very strong feelings of disagreement with Supervisor Feiner. Rather than eloquently address these disagreements, Chief LoGiudice inappropriately used words which do not – and never did – reflect his true beliefs of compassion and respect for people of all religions."

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Comments (7)

While I certainly don't and would never endorse this type of behavior (and also believe more than an apology is due, he should be dismissed and lose his pension) Feiner claimed to have been shocked by the allegations; some say he has been aware of it for some time as he had access to the deposition transcript. Nonetheless, Feiner has never shut anyone down for hate speech ever. There was a Town Board meeting where Hal Samis publicly insulted Councilman Kevin Morgan by tying his Irish heritage to his yes vote to approve alcohol (wine ) to be served at a Nature Center fundraiser. Feiner didn't say a word and didn't shut it down. I guess he is only selectively offended by bias and bigotry.

Public servant whose salary we pay vs. private citizen shooting his mouth off. Not the same thing at all.

It's typical Feiner, while the chiefs words are certainly not condoned in any manner, Feiner picks and chooses what is acceptable and what isn't. For example, the "studies" that claimed Dobbs Ferry Road couldn't handle the traffic flow for the Fortress Bible Church, yet Feiner has his strong desire to place a massive sport complex at the former Franks Nursery, just 1/4 mile up the road. When it fits his cause, it is ok. And now look at how that turned out, tax payers are on the hook for millions of dollars. Maybe the deflection from that issue should stop as well.

One might wonder what the District's lawyer is doing here
defending his antisemitic remarks ??
shouldn't he have his own lawyer
and pay for it himself
why should the taxpayers be on the hook for this as well.

Consolidate all districts into one: their salaries are outrageous and aren't in line with their responsibilities - Just ask the NY Fire Commissioner who makes a lot less than just one of the 3 district chiefs. I'm tired of these guys taking advantage of taxpayers. And now we find out that one admits to hate speech? All the more reason to say goodbye to LoGiudice, and put his district into another. You have lost the public trust.

Very lame apology! Residents of the Fairview District should demand his resignation. And while at it, ask for the resignation of the fire commissioners. Get ready for your fire taxes to go through the roof.
First Age discrimination, then an attempt at a phantom promotion by a mother who sits on the board, of a firefighter ( her son) ... now anti-semitism.....hmmm can you say
millions !! Get your pens ready to sign the check.....

Words spoken in "an angry moment" likely do reflect a person's true beliefs or prejudices, because they're too angry to censor those thoughts. Lame excuse, and lame apology.