Greenburgh Considers Creating A Human Rights Commission

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Photo Credit: Rick Pezzullo

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- The Greenburgh Town Board will meet with Yonkers City  Councilman Michael Sabatino on Tuesday, May 13 at 11 a.m., to discuss the possibility of creating a local Human Rights Commission

Sabatino is a member of the Yonkers Human Rights Commission. He will discuss with the Town Board how the commission works and will answer any questions.

Residents are invited to email questions for Sabatino to

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Still another distraction from the Greenburgh Town Supervisor to fool residents that every things ok in Dog Park USA. What Feiner DOES NOT want voters and taxpayers to remember is that Town taxes are so high in Greenburgh because he caused the Town to lose a Court Case brought by a Church against the Town -- a $5,500,000 expense coming from YOUR taxes. If that weren't bad enough, until October 2011 the Town subleased 108 units of affordable housing to an operator, WestHELP which paid the Town $1,200,000 annually or $12,000,000 over the 10 years of its lease. Feiner would not meet with them to extend their expiring lease, WestHELP had to pack up and leave and the facility has remained vacant and deteriorating ever since. Without this revenue and that coupled with the $5,500,000 expense to fund the Fortress Bible settlement, taxes would be a lot lower in Greenburgh. Instead, Feiner sends a new email every three days to make it look like all is well. Some residents know better and now so do you.

Incidentally one of the major concerns of Human Rights Commissions everywhere is housing issues especially discrimination. The reason Feiner did not renew the WestHELP lease is that it would have continued the teneancy by those of lower incomes including single mothers with children. Feiner, as landlord, avoided any possibility of discrimination charges by choosing not to rent to anyone.

But since he has access to online readers and resident minds 24/7, voters tend to believe him and follow the path he wants them to tread. Like all those voters who are still waiting for the $5,000,000 for Greenburgh that never happened either.

Hal Samis