Greenburgh, Elmsford Frustrated With Restoration Efforts

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Elmsford Mayor Robert Williams, left, and Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said they are frustrated with Con Edison's slow restoration efforts.
Elmsford Mayor Robert Williams, left, and Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said they are frustrated with Con Edison's slow restoration efforts. Photo Credit: Village of Elmsford and Town of Greenburgh

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Both Greenburgh and Elmsford officials are reminding Con Edison workers daily that thousands of residents in the area remain without power, but have taken matters into their own hands due to the company's slow response.

Since the hurricane hit, Elmsford Mayor Williams said he has made four calls, two conference calls and a fax to Con Edison officials each day to remind them about the village's current outages. A Con Ed liaison is also present in the village's emergency operations center to send out reminders about the outages, Williams said.

Elmsford officials also delivered four pickup trucks worth of cut firewood to residents without power for free. The wood comes from trees that have fallen over the course of the year, Williams said.

"We were thinking these people have no heat, no electricity. Let's see if we can bring them wood," Williams said. "They were very grateful."

The village also set up charging stations, going around with a truck and a generator and knocking on residents' doors asking if they need electronics charged.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner founded a program called "House Angels" to match people still suffering from power outages to residents opening their homes for a place to stay.

The Edgemont Community Council also stepped up to the plate — organizing a donation center to collect warm meals, blankets, batteries and other basic necessities and bring them to others in the community who may be confined to their homes without electricity.

The Greenburgh Public Library has also remained busy — almost 2,000 people visited the library on Wednesday to charge electronics, use the Internet and stay warm, said Cory Deitchman, assistant to the library director.

Feiner joined other municipal officials in a conference call to Con Edison Tuesday and said every town official echoed that an inadequate number of crews were being distributed countywide.

Con Edison told municipals that they were beginning to hire company retirees to hasten restoration time, Feiner wrote in an email. Feiner said he wrote to the New York Public Service Commission Sunday asking for an investigation into restoration efforts.

"I can't understand why different crews can't work around the clock," Feiner wrote. "I'm upset and as frustrated as everyone else — and aggravated, because people, especially the elderly and disabled, are suffering."

Williams said he's been receiving dozens of emails acknowledging the village's efforts — most people are upset over the power outages.

"Everybody's upset with Con Ed's length of time it's taken to restore power," he said. "People are thanking us for getting the roads open so quickly. They were very happy with the village's response and unhappy with Con Ed's response."

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Comments (4)

I voted & unless you were looking, proposition #1 is well hidden -- everything else (all candidates) is on one side & although they have room, the proposition is on the backside...sneaky

I was headed to Phelps hospital last night from Elmsford. 10:50pm.
On the side of 9, a ConEd truck.
The driver was reading the post sipping on coffee.
When I passed him, I slammed on my breaks and was trying to back up to ask him how the progress was going (enter sarcasm here).

But, I guess he saw me. He turned out his lights and waited until I left.
And then I noticed he was driving slowly behind me. He turned into the ConEd Facility on Saw Mill River Road to drop off his truck.

Now, I'm not sure if it was the end of his shift or if he was signed out or WHATEVER. But it was definitely something I was NOT happy to see, with the amount of people in Greenburgh with no electricity or heat.

And he obviously knew it.

The tiny little village of Elmsford is delivering wood and blankets and had their roads cleared in pretty darn record time. Kudos. Greenburgh and Feiner, not so good. How could a Town this large do so little? We have a huge parks & rec dept. along with a huge DPW dept. Why haven't they been deployed to do the same? Our crews are dedicated but leadership has to come from the top. Our guys would work for nothing if they were supplied with the resources to reach out. This is 8 days without power and it's freezing - the next catastrophe we'll hear about is pipes freezing in peoples home because there's no heat. Feiner and his angels? Really? This guy will do anything for a photo op and publicity. He's very much like Mike Bloomberg - they are the entitled. They don't know what it's like to do without. They don't know what it's like to go for more than a week with heat, hot water and lights. They only know what they want, they forget that they work for the people. The people are telling Feiner to sell the Franks Nursery property and move on. Make the taxpayers whole again. But Feiner, like the infant and self-serving moron he is, chooses to ignore us. I hope the State or Federal gov't will follow up on the Appelate Court finding and bring criminal charges against him. He's not only a moron, he's a criminal.

I don't know Williams and won't comment on him, although I hear good things about him.

Feiner on the other hand is strictly using this as a PR event to take attention away from the rapidly failing GameOn 365/Proposition #1 debacle which reports now show has carcinogens on the site at 715 Dobbs Ferry Rd - the former Franks Nursery. As usual, he punctuates his invalid points not by saying we need to do this for the children, rather, it's now seniors and disabled. HE is the one that has made Greenburgh a mecca for the poor and disabled and then done nothing to help these people. HE is the one who closed the WestHelp facility and reduced affordable housing in the Town. HE is the one who has done nothing but increase the flooding and traffic in the Town and when there's a problem what does HE do? HE points his crooked finger and insists that other politicians and in this case private companies do something. HE is so disingenuous. These people cannot work around the clock according to OSHA, ANSI, their Union and yes, contractual rules that HE has endorsed! In fact, in is time he stop jerking the Greenburgh municipal employees around and sign a contract with them (it's only been 4 years). He needs to go! And, he needs to go far, far away.