Greenburgh Supervisor Calls For Shut Down Of Gun Range

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Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner Photo Credit: File

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner has called for the closure of a local gun range after the fragment of a bullet grazed a nearby resident, according to CBS New York. 

The victim lives in a new development off of Ardsley Road, near the Westchester Police Revolver and Rifle League. She was grazed in the leg by a fragment of a bullet from the range, CBS New York reported. 

The club has voluntarily ceased operations until the investigation in complete, CBS New York said. 

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Comments (4)

The Toll Brothers development is located above the shooting range. Thus...

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman. No, it's a bird.
Let's see if I can hit a moving target.

And that is surely how a bullet fragment (probably ricocheting off rock surfaces) came to hit the victim.

The "investigation" should be able to determine who was firing at the time of the incident but remember that this week celebrates the 3 year anniversary of the still unsolved theft of 18 laptops from the TDYCC, so too will this investigation fail to connect the dots.

I recused myself from reviewing the Toll Brother application because I live close by to the development. I did not participate in the review of the application and did not vote on the application. Regarding the campaign contributions-- the town ethics laws were approved in 2007. The ethics laws prohibit me or any town official from accepting campaign contributions from applicants. I do recall receiving campaign contributions from Toll Brothers in the late 1990s or early 2000s.

Jan 2014- "In a not-so-surprising ruling, the Town’s Ethics Board again ruled against Mr Feiner for an ethics violation for the same thing they found him guilty of twice before. Specifically, he made a post-primary fundraising letter campaign effort sent to certain residents of Irvington, Hastings and Hartsdale. This is not only a blatant violation of the Ethics Code because it was sent to residents appointed to serve on town boards, but also may have been sent to town employees. The Town’s Ethics Code specifically prohibits elected officials from soliciting campaign contributions from persons appointed to serve on town boards and to town employees. Perhaps Mr Feiner got confused with all the mailings (read: campaigning) he’s been doing lately. This is apparently different from the other Ethics Code rule of elected officials not receiving things of value from a Town employee. An example you ask? Okay, one example might be if the Town Attorney were to say, solicit campaign ballot signatures for Town Board candidates running for office, and then swearing to the signatures’ validity as a Notary Public. That is a thing of value and prohibited by the Ethics Code. Or is it?

This is the second time in three years that Mr Feiner has been found guilty of the same offense by the Ethics Board. However, being an impotent Board under the control of the Town Board, which is ultimately under the thumb of Mr Feiner, nothing will come of this latest guilty ethics verdict. Interestingly, the last time this happened the Town Board decided to not impose any fines against Mr Feiner for his illegal behavior. It seems that they are willing to condone this behavior that is so detrimental to our Town. Since his checks and balances are ultimately controlled by him, it’s no wonder he would discriminate against the Fortress Bible Church! There, however, he could not control the outcome and it is costing the Unincorporated Town taxpayers $6,500,000 ($1M by insurance).

This time it was the Ethics Board members who received the fund raising mailing from Mr Feiner. OMG - quite the conundrum. Knowing they should at least appear to be ethically motivated, they initiated an investigation into Mr Feiner’s actions. For most people, this would be a no-brainer. But for the Ethics Board, it crosses a fine line. All Ethics Board members are selected and ratified by Mr Feiner and his Board, pledging allegiance whether overtly, openly or otherwise. Unfortunately, the impotence of the Board requires it to capitulate with every decision in Mr Feiner or the Town Board’s favor – like it or not.

ABG staffers were in attendance when the Ethics Board adjourned to executive session at its December 2 meeting to discuss the matter and then privately interview Mr Feiner. Ironically, Mr Feiner’s violation wasn’t on the agenda for that night. When pushed as to why they were adjourning to executive session, the Board’s President Jack McLaughlin stated it was to discuss personnel issues. It seems that every agency, group or Board in Greenburgh is taking greater advantage of hiding information from the public with more frequent Executive sessions. This opinion, only recently publicized, found the board accepting Mr. Feiner’s excuse that he did not knowingly solicit contributions from residents serving on town boards or from town employees. His rationale was that he purchased the mailing list from a third party and used a different third party vendor to do the actual mailing. Sounds like a convenient excuse for this Board, but a genuine crock to us. How about the admission at the end of every ad that says this ad was approved by [candidates name].

It’s always sadly entertaining to find out what Mr Feiner is doing by way of lawsuits, guilty verdicts, Facebook posts and/or Blogs. It’s also quite pathetic. But his disheveled, shlub-like act has worn thin and is failing him more and more. Whatever he has done, legal or otherwise, will be excused by a Board he has appointed and made sure is comprised of friendly faces. On occasion, some may bluster a bit to appear impartial, but its just a ruse. Between rigged Boards, rigged referendums, rigged bids, rigged reports, rigged zoning, rigged meetings, rigged solutions and undisclosed information, Mr Feiner and his Board should be facing more court time than County DA Janet Difiore. But, as is typical, the usual suspects will be questioned and released without even a slap on the wrist. Carry on with business as usual. If and when this changes, we may begin to see A Better Greenburgh."

Wait one gosh damn minute. Wasn't Mr. Feiner taking campaign contributions from Toll Brothers while their plans were before the board knowing full and well there was a shooting range close by? The very same Mr. STOP THE PRESSES that called CBS, NBC and every other media outlet in the wake of the Newton shootings to stop the gun show at the Westchester County Center in his town? Sure is. Why does the media even buy his BS? When will the media start reporting the REAL story behind Mr. Media Machine? Why don't you report on the missing video tape of the Greenburgh Town Board meeting where the public got the real 411?