Greenburgh Taps GA Keen Realty To Conduct Sale of Frank's Nursery

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The Frank's Nursery property on Dobbs Ferry Road in Greenburgh is expected to be auctioned sometime in the fall.
The Frank's Nursery property on Dobbs Ferry Road in Greenburgh is expected to be auctioned sometime in the fall. Photo Credit: File Photo

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- The stalled sale of the foreclosed Frank's Nursery property by the Town of Greenburgh may be accelerated after the Town Council authorized the hiring of GA Keen Realty Advisors to act its real estate advisor and to conduct an auction.

According to Ton Supervisor Paul Feiner, the Council will meet with Harold Bordwin, a former Edgemont resident and director of the firm, in the near future  to schedule a date for the auction, which is expected to be sometime in late September.

The 6.9-acre Frank's Nursery site was taken in a tax foreclosure three years ago. Greenburgh taxpayers are paying $1,800 a year for county sewer and refuse taxes.

Greenburgh's Commissioner Department of Community Development and Conservation Thomas Madden, the property approximately 380 feet of frontage on Dobbs Ferry Road and approximately 790 feet from the road to the rear.

Greenburgh has struggled through several supposed offers to lease the property but has not been able to secure a buyer.

In March 2013, representatives from Woodard and Curran, the environmental service agency hired to look into issues at the former Frank's Nursery site on Dobbs Ferry Road, said it could be months before Game On 365 is able to begin construction of a sports complex at the location. 

Town Attorney Tim Lewis said that Section 1166 of the state Real Property Tax Law states that whenever a tax district acquires property through foreclosure — as Greenburgh did with Frank's Nursery — it is authorized "to sell and convey the real property so acquired, either with or without advertising for bids" in January of 2013.

In June of 2013, the Town Board was presented with a $3 million offer by sports complex owners Game On, but the competing House of Sports of Ardsley submitted an offer worth $500,000 more and threatened a lawsuit if the land was sold to Game On. Both proposed deals fell through.

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Comments (3)

Thanks for your posts.. great contributions ...

A sure sign that Feiner is running scared is his repeating that Mr. Bordwin is a former "Edgemont resident" as though that has anything to do with his qualifications.

Interesting 2013 quote from Town Attorney Tim Lewis who said the opposite in 2012 that he had no problem with the Town leasing the property to GameOn 365 which never made good on $5,000,000 for Greenburgh.

Let's ask Mr. Lopriore to audit 5th grade English or at least have him diagram the sentence which comprises paragraph four. Afterward, he can explain what is meant by "Greenburgh has struggled through in the fifth paragraph.

Woodward & Curran conducted an environmental study for the Town. A study of the Frank's property. Does Mr. Lopriore know something that residents do not? Has Game On 365 already acquired the property? If not, to write that it will be months before they can develop the property illustrates that Mr. Lopriore needs more assistance as a reporter than merely repeating fifth grade.

What he might have written is how GA Keen Realty Advisors did advise the Town that it would be sensible for the Town to at least complete the environmental review of the property before putting it up for auction. That, if not actually, undertaking the mitigation would invite more bidders were some of the uncertainties removed from the table. Nevertheless, earning a commission is more important to this firm than earning a larger commission on a higher sales price. So, the "broker" is equal to the task of adjusting their scruples accordingly in order to win the exclusive agency.

Let's see how long it takes for Danny to remove this post.

I wish they would just get this over with so this eyesore can be cleaned up while attracting a new business there