Installation of Solar Trash Compactors in Greenburgh Tops News This Week

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See the stories that topped the news in Greenburgh this week. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Town of Greenburgh

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Here are some of the stories that topped the news in Greenburgh, Edgemont, and Hartsdale this week:

  • Greenburgh town purchased a pair of "BigBelly" solar-powered trash compactors to be placed on East Hartsdale Avenue that are expected to save the town thousands in waste removal.
  • A woman was found dead after gas leak near the intersection of South Broadway and Church Street in Tarrytown. The woman was identified as Karen Brown, 45, of Tarrytown. Police do not suspect any foul play and are still investigating.
  • The Republicans and Democrats continue to have it out down in the nation’s capital, Westchester County residents continue to be shut out of St. Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon.
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garbage cans
"that are expected to save the town thousands in waste removal."

Anyone who can explain how a pair of garbage cans can save the Town thousands of dollars has my admiration.

Maybe if there 25 or 50 in contained area so that the additional capacity from compacting might reduce the number of pick-ups on the route but Greenburgh doesn't have that many garbage cans that are the Town's responsibility anyway.

And the greater capacity, the heavier the full can is to pick up. Take note of that Teamster's Local.

The Daily Voice rarely questions what the press release says. It also runs a feature: Where is this is in Greenburgh? Here's a suggestion, where are there 25 garbage cans in Hartsdale that the Town is responsible for?

Without eliminating a pick-up route; without eliminating any workers there is $0 savings. What is true is that there is more noise and the potential for more concentrated odor.

"save thousands of dollars", indeed!

Hal Samis

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