Greenburgh Cashiers Charged With Selling Cigarettes To A Minor

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An employee at the CVS in the Greenburgh Shopping Center, 101 Knollwood Road, is being charged with selling cigarettes to a minor.
An employee at the CVS in the Greenburgh Shopping Center, 101 Knollwood Road, is being charged with selling cigarettes to a minor. Photo Credit: Samantha Kramer

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Two store cashiers were busted Friday by an under-aged agent working for the Greenburgh Drug and Alcohol Task Force and charged with selling cigarettes to a minor.

Both 18-year-old Bara Esieed, an employee at the Shell gas station, 179 Old White Plains Road, and 19-year-old Waskin Thelusma, an employee of CVS, 101 Knollwood Road, were charged with second-degree unlawful dealing with a child.

Both busts occurred Friday between 5 and 6 p.m., police said.

Police were not able to comment on the gender of the under-age agent and did not reveal how the agent became involved with the task force at the risk of revealing the agent's identity.

Lt. Brian Ryan said they use under-age agents randomly to find local stores that may be unlawfully selling tobacco to children under 18.

"There's no set pattern — we'll do it at any time," Ryan said.

The following incidents were also reported by the Greenburgh police department:

  • Fourth-degree Criminal Mischief: Police are in search of a suspect who keyed a car parked on Overhill Road in Elmsford. The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday while the car was parked in the car owner's driveway.
  • Grand Larceny: Valuable items including photographic equipment, credit cards and a purse were stolen from a vehicle parked outside an apartment complex on South Central Avenue Friday night. There was no sign of forced entry, police said. Police are still searching for the suspect.
  • Public Appearance Under the Influence of Drugs: Police issued a violation to a 41-year-old Greenburgh man Sunday afternoon when, on patrol, they heard the man shouting in the parking lot of 100 Manhattan Ave. The man appeared disoriented and was hallucinating, police said, and appeared to be under the influence of PCP.
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Hal, Hal, Hal. Feiner isn't interested, which means DeCarlo isn't interested, which means GPD isn't interested, which means the state attorney general isn't interested. Consequently, and as expected, nothing will be done and this site will not challenge it. The media should be the stewards of investigations and continue to go after the wrong-doers. I read ABetterGreenburgh for real information. Others should too.

As Ed Sullivan would say, "a reeealy big shew".

But a better show would be were the Greenburgh Police to bust the culprit responsible for the theft of 19 laptops from the Theodore Young Community Center. Investigating crimes at the TDYCC has always stymied the Police despite the existence of video surveillance.
Criminals would be wise to confine their errant behaviors to the TDYCC where "get out of jail free cards" are issued as frequently as the Town Board issues
"certificates of appreciation".