Greenburgh Police List Roads Still Closed

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Dozens of roads in Greenburgh remain closed due to downed trees and wires, police said.
Dozens of roads in Greenburgh remain closed due to downed trees and wires, police said. Photo Credit: Samantha Kramer

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Greenburgh police are assisting Con Edison crews throughout the town to clear the roads so workers can get access to repair cables and restore power, police said.

Police also reported the following roads remain closed from downed wires and trees as of 4 p.m. Thursday:


  • Topland Road at Ridge Road
  • Cross Hill Road at Topland Road
  • Caterson Terrace
  • Lakeview Avenue, from Columbia Avenue to Holland Place
  • Mercer Avenue at Findlay Avenue
  • Pinewood Road at West Hartsdale Avenue
  • Homewood Road at Beachwood Road


  • Old Army Road, from Doris Lane to Ardsley Road
  • Artillery Lane
  • Walbrooke Road at Blauvelt Place
  • White Oak Lane at Bittersweet Lane
  • Edgemont Road at Glennwood Road and at Edgemont Place
  • Robin Hill Road at Mt. Joy Avenue
  • Hadden Road at Barford Lane
  • Roxbury Road at Walbrooke Road
  • Round Hill Road at Edgemont Road
  • Old Army Road south of Ardsley Road
  • Seely Place at Wallick Circle
  • Old Colony Road at Tamarac Triangle
  • Henry Street at Seely Place
  • Glenwood Road at Hillburn Road
  • Clayton Road at Underhill Road and at Sheridan Road
  • Old Sprain Road
  • Evandale Road, from Sheridan Road to Glendale Road
  • Andrea Lane at Fort Hill Road
  • Warnke Lane at Ardsley Road
  • Sprain Road at Boulder Ridge
  • Highland Road at Greenville Road


  • Kathwood Road
  • Pomander Road at Canterbury Road
  • Milton Street, from Secor Road to Holmes Avenue
  • Poe Street at Holmes Avenue and from Stevenson Avenue to Lytton Avenue
  • Holmes Avenue, from Whittier Road to Tennyson Street
  • Barnwell Drive, from Canterbury Road to Surry Way
  • Woodlands Road at Crest Drive
  • East Way, from North Way to South Way
  • Rogers Avenue, from Dobbs Ferry Road to Shaw Place
  • Florence Avenue at Manhattan Avenue
  • Perry Avenue at Ethleton Road
  • Old Tarrytown Road at Old Kensico Road
  • Cummings Avenue at Ethelton Road
  • Leatherstocking Road at Indian Trail


  • Oxridge Road at Bayberry Road
  • Bayberry Road at Payne Road
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Nothing has been done in Edgemont. So frustrating and dangerous. Saw an article saying Manhattan will be fully powered today. Hoping we will actually get some crews here now.

Edgemont is a small part of the town, yet almost every street has trees down and power out. I have not seen one Con Ed truck in the area. We are lucky that our street is one of the only blocks with power. There are so many cars on line trying to get gas at Hess that it is almost impossible for us to get around our neighborhood. Trying to get home tonight after an unsuccessful attempt at getting gas, we came upon street after street of darkness and danger with downed trees. There are trees hanging so low that could break at any minute. They were not even blocked off. Other streets are so dark that it was difficult to even see the danger until you were on top of it. Help needs to come quickly. This area has a lot of damage.