Larceny, Stolen Property Reported in Greenburgh

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Greenburgh police still searching for a suspect involved in a criminal possession of stolen property incident.
Greenburgh police still searching for a suspect involved in a criminal possession of stolen property incident. Photo Credit: Samantha Kramer

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Greenburgh police are investigating reports of criminal possession of stolen property and grand larceny.

On Sept. 26, police arrested and charged Sammie Sheff, Jr., 50, of Elmsford, with fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, a felony.

At 2 p.m., police stopped a vehicle at 209 Saw Mill River Road that continued straight from a left turn only lane. Police observed three large bags that were open and contained new jeans with the tags and security devises still attached. 

Police asked the men in the driver and passenger's seat for their information, identifying Sheff as the driver. While pulled over, the passenger continuously asked police if he could use the bathroom in the nearby gas station, and police allowed him to leave.  

Police waited with Sheff and the vehicle, but while more police responded to assist, the passenger had crawled through the gas station's bathroom window and ran off. Police have not yet found him. 

When police contacted Sears, employees identified the stolen property, stating that two suspects had stolen a large amount of jeans and other items, police said. 

Sheff was arrested and also charged on an outstanding warrant, police said. Police will continue the investigation to identify the passenger who fled the scene.

Police are also investigating a report of a stolen car from a hotel parking lot.

A woman from Acworth, Ga., was staying at La Quinta Inn, 540 Saw Mill River Rd., Elmsford, when she reported on Sept. 25 at 11:30 a.m. that her car was stolen, police said. The woman told police she had placed a tarp over her white 2008 Mercedes-Benz, valued at $32,000, and discovered that morning that both the tarp and car were gone from the hotel parking spot. 

La Quinta management did not have cameras to review the incident, according to the report, nor were there any indications of broken glass or forced entry at the parking spot. 

The following incidents were also reported by Greenburgh police:

Petit Larceny: A Mount Vernon boy reported on Sept. 27 that his iPod and Dr. Dre headphones, valued at $500, were stolen while he was on Southern Westchester's BOCES campus, 65 Grasslands Road, Valhalla. The boy told police he packed the items in his backpack on Sept. 13, and later that day he noticed the items were missing.

Assault Charge: Juan Silva, 24, of White Plains, was charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, after police responded to a domestic dispute on Sept. 27 at 4 p.m. between Silva and his mother. Silva's mother was disciplining her granddaughter when Silva became physically and verbally abusive, police said. His mother told police Silva grabbed her arms and threw her to the bed repeatedly, bruising her right arm. Silva was arrested and held for arraignment at the Greenburgh Police Department.

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Comments (3)

Keep asking the questions! I would like to know who is fleecing the kids of TDYCC too! If indeed this was an "inside job" then why no suspect in custody?

Why then? Why it's an "open investigation"
It's not the first time an embarrassing situation has been hushed up.

Especially at the TDYCC.

Ask your friends about the inflated ticket price scandal for the Caribbean Cruise which resulted in lowering the ticket price by $100 after changing travel agents. What if without any paperwork or bidding, your first choice for travel agents was an obscure Agent in central Connecticut whose website described their business as putting together bus tours of New England and nothing about booking cruises. That's the Travel Agent chosen by the TDYCC. The TDYCC does such business on the phone and does not bother with the annoyance of competitive bidding. There's a word that comes to mind. It starts with Kickba..

Think about all those fee-based programs which hire outside "consultants" to run. If you know someone, your program is in.

What about the employee whose time cards from two departments showed him working both jobs on the same days and time. Visible proof? Nothing...

What you do read about is the news the Town and the Police Department want you to know: that which presents a rosy picture and great policing skills. Of course, they can't completely eliminate criminal activity from Greenburgh because if there wasn't any then it would raise the question of why are taxpayers paying so much to run the Police Department? Instead, let's mostly acknowledge the crimes committed here by outsiders and ignore the crimes committed by those on the Town payroll. Got the picture?

How's your math? How about this purely hypothetical situation. What if someone brought in more money, say from grants, than they may have "misappropriated". How would you handle it?

And by the way, the Police Department is run by a Police Chief. This position is responsible to the Police Commissioner, a function fulfilled collectively by the Town Board. 'Nuff said?

And what about the unsolved theft of 19 laptops from the Theodore Young Community Center over the July 4th weekend?
The Police are less successful when robbery occurs on Town property and arresting the culprit could prove embarrassing.
Can we get Sgt. Preston to visit?