Motorists Save Autistic Boy Who Took Toy Truck Onto Bronx River Parkway

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The toy truck the Mount Vernon boy took onto the Bronx River Parkway on Sunday.
The toy truck the Mount Vernon boy took onto the Bronx River Parkway on Sunday. Photo Credit: Contributed
Westchester County police recovered the Mount Vernon boy's toy on Sunday.
Westchester County police recovered the Mount Vernon boy's toy on Sunday. Photo Credit: Contributed

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- A Mount Vernon youngster took a ride on the wild side Sunday night, taking his toy jeep for a quick spin on the Bronx River Parkway after zipping away from his grandmother.

The 6-year-old Mount Vernon boy who has autism was playing with his family at a South Seventh Avenue park shortly before 7 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 3, when his grandmother, who was watching him with a teenage relative, lost track of him

According to police, the boy then sped off toward Oak Street, where police said he took the ramp onto the northbound parkway.

His family quickly noticed he was gone and reported him missing to police after a swift search of the area. Subsequently, the police started getting emergency calls about a curious kid that was riding a toy truck on the populated parkway.

Several good Samaritan motorists quickly observed the boy cruising along on his blue plastic motorized Power Wheels truck, used their vehicles to limit traffic flow around him, and gathered him up before alerting the police.

Neither the boy nor any motorists were injured. The potentially serious situation ended innocently, when the boy was reunited with his family at Montefiore Hospital in Mount Vernon after he was observed for any injury. The identity of the boy has not been released.

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Autistic children keep leaving places where they are safe. Electronic monitoring might be a good idea to prevent future problems. Same goes for people with other special circumstances and Alzheimer patients.

Even with all the evil people out there in this world, I am SO thankful there are more good people willing to step up and help. :)

Guardian angels. So lucky no one was hurt. There is still many good people in this world.

I agree. God bless them.