Greenburgh Prepares For 225th Anniversary Celebrations

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In 1988, a Book Committee was put together to celebrate Greenburgh's 200th anniversary. For the 225th anniversary this year, the Greenburgh Celebration Planning Committee will put together a photo exhibit of Greenburgh's past town supervisors.
In 1988, a Book Committee was put together to celebrate Greenburgh's 200th anniversary. For the 225th anniversary this year, the Greenburgh Celebration Planning Committee will put together a photo exhibit of Greenburgh's past town supervisors. Photo Credit: Greenburgh: A Glimpse of Our Past

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — If you attend the Greenburgh Town Board meeting on March 7, you might think you've stepped back in time.

Board members will don 1800s attire and discuss pressing items on the agenda such as reclaiming stray farm animals. It's all part of Greenburgh's celebration of its 225th anniversary, which will kick off with a reception at Town Hall and a re-enactment of an 1800s Town Board meeting on March 7, the day Greenburgh was officially chartered 225 years ago.

Town Clerk Judith Beville, co-chairman of the Town of Greenburgh's 225th Celebration Planning Committee, said she's retrieving some ideas for the re-enactment's agenda from the Greenburgh Bicentennial Book, "Greenburgh: A Glimpse of Our Past." It was put together by a similar committee in 1988 to celebrate the town's 200th anniversary.

Beville described a historical agenda in which stray farm animals were a major concern among farmers in Greenburgh more than 200 years ago.

"I'm working with Greenburgh Nature Center to arrange to get a goat," she said with a laugh.

Other ideas will be retrieved by recorded meetings from the 1800s stores in the Town Hall's record vault, Beville said.

"It's hard to read some of them, but we can tell what some of the major issues are," she said of the records.

A reception will be held before the re-enactment. It will include refreshments and music from Hartsdale resident Lowell Pollack, who plays piano for the Early Childhood Program in the Greenburgh Central 7 schools. He will play tunes dating to the 1800s.

A photo exhibit of all past Greenburgh town supervisors will displayed in a main hallway at Greenburgh Town Hall. The regularly scheduled Town Board meeting will follow the celebration at 8 p.m.

Residents of the town and surrounding villages have been helpful in submitting photos of the past supervisors, especially the more difficult ones to find who served long ago, Beville said. Greenburgh is still looking for some photos of supervisors and are asking those willing to donate pictures to contact Beville at

Although March 7 is the official day Greenburgh was chartered in 1778, the Town Board plans to hold a series of celebrations in July at the Greenburgh Nature Center, Greenburgh Public Library, Theodore D. Young Community Center and Town Hall.

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Samantha - You forgot to mention the work that Winsome Gordon is doing for the 225th anniversary celebration. Why the Town Clerk is getting all of the credit is beyond me.

Won't residents feel comforted as Greenburgh celebrates its 225th anniversary, a re-election year for Mr. Feiner, Mr. Sheehan and Ms. Juettner who have rehearsed a medley of songs especially chosen for this momentous occasion. Standout renditions include: "Everything's Coming Up Roses", "Don't Rain on My Parade" and "Tomorrow".
225 years...bah humbug. What makes this particular number significant other than Feiner needs deflective moments to hide the problems he has created in recent years while the problem solving business has been slow by comparison.
loss of WESTHelp revenue, potential Ferncliff vs. existing housing, GameOn 365 and the absent tennis court off season bubble still occupy the roost while zoning misadventures surface monthly. A looming Fortress Bible reward upwards of an uninsured $5 million is nearing while the settled figure of $1.1 million from $1.8 paid out (largesse by Feiner) to the Valhalla School District (won back in Court by residents Bernstein and Rosenberg) don't balance.

Yes, residents will only be hearing "good news" and a celebration of sunshine, lollipops, rainbows and warm winter mittens while taxes rise, service declines (bag those leaves), honoring the disease of the week and certificates of appreciation for interns who just happen to have families with registered voters.
Yes, it's fitting that we devote our time to festivities because that's why we have a Town Board -- to celebrate... a Town's birthday or to commemorate that for 20+ years we have given Feiner a birthday present in the form of a salary and podium while he hasn't shown any improvement with his advancing age: the only difference being that new technologies have provided him with even more outlets to blow his smoke. Indeed, both Greenburgh and Feiner are exhibiting their cumulative wisdom and maturity at this decorous show with FREE REFRESHMENTS; the former bringing 225 years to the table and the latter 6 month's experience times 40.
Happy Birthday.
And don't forget the 227th birthday show anticipated for the next election cycle.
Hal Samis