Obama Leads In Greenburgh Campaign Contributions

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President Barack Obama is leading his Republican challenger in campaign contributions from residents of Greenburgh and Hartsdale.
President Barack Obama is leading his Republican challenger in campaign contributions from residents of Greenburgh and Hartsdale. Photo Credit: Austen Hufford

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — President Barack Obama has received almost five times more in campaign contributions from Greenburgh and Hartsdale residents than Mitt Romney, according to OpenSecrets.org.


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Including Greenburgh, Hartsdale and some residents of the White Plains area, Obama raked in $51,287 in contributions compared with $11,470 for Romney, OpenSecrets reported. 

The site only records receipts from individuals who contribute more than $200, and all numbers are based on Federal Election Commission data.

The Center for Responsive Politics, the Washington, D.C.-based research group that gathered the data, reported similar standings in the number of people donating. Obama received contributions from 59 individuals, Romney from 13. 

However, the average amount given to Romney was about $10 higher than for Obama. Looking at Elmsford, Romney pulled in $10,000 from just two residents, one being Leslie Edelman, president and owner of Kimble Manufacturing, who donated $5,000. Obama received $3,550 from Elmsford donors. 

According to OpenSecrets, no contributions were found from Congresswoman Nita Lowey, a Democrat running for her 13th term in Congress. Lowey has a district office in White Plains.  

New York is the second-leading state in donation totals with $24 million. California is No. 1.

As of Wednesday, Obama was leading the country in donations with more than $430 million, compared to Romney's $279 million.

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@letsbreal. Some really good, thoughtful points you make here,.....but, these handouts to people you speak of, "holding people responsible for thier own decisions"? if by "Handouts" you are talking about welfare programs, lets look at some of the statistics 1.7% of the country gets more than 50% of their income from welfare. That's not that much considering the TRILLIONS of dollars given to companies like AT&T and Exxon Mobile who , just themselves, received more than 223 Billion last year alone, that's just 2 companies, that's more than half of what all welfare recipients receive in our country, Exxon Moblie had over 700 Billion$ in profits last year. What are they getting my money to charge me for more expensive gas. Shouldn't we be ending the Corporate welfare?

Politics is a dirty game, you have to please a few to get re-elected by screwing others. At the end of the day we are left with a Country that is lead by special interests, large gov't contracts and scandals around every office (corner). The power of the country is held by a very small group of people and those people are party neutral. Their sole interest is to maintain power, continue their way of life and fulfill their agenda.

People used to work hard for themselves and as a society had government to maintain order and provide a safety net. Now people work hard to stay in the government's safety net.

Immigrants used to come to this country to work hard, make a better life and make this country their home! Now immigrants work hard, live so-so, to save their money send it home and live the high life in retirement. Some groups take offense to learn the native language and we facilitate this by sending mailings in English and Spanish, special accommodations and countless other concessions. How much longer can those who are legitimate go on supporting a way of life for others that refuse to work and those that refuse to work for America? At some point even a civilized society, like ours, must make people fend for themselves, end the hand outs and hold people accountable for their decisions.

Hartsdale is part of Greenburgh.

if Romney wins. I will pull a boot out of the Hudson river, sit in Elmsford town square, put salt and pepper on it and eat every last bite

Don't be so impressed with these numbers. The amounts are right in line with the ratio of the amount of democrats to republicans in Greenburgh as well as the County and for that matter the state. If I were a “journalist” here, I could make that analogy and say the the democratic to republican donations for president are even or neck-to-neck. But then again, I'm not drinking the lamestream media koolaid.