Proposed Yonkers Development Worries Greenburgh

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Developers want to add retail space and apartments near the Greenburgh-Yonkers border.
Developers want to add retail space and apartments near the Greenburgh-Yonkers border. Photo Credit: Matt Bultman

GREENBURGH, N.Y. – A planned development near the Greenburgh-Yonkers border has Greenburgh officials worried about traffic concerns.


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Officials say the area is already a problem. “I think right now access there is overloaded,” Greenburgh Town Council member Diana Juettner said.

Morris Industrial, a Rutherford, N.J.-based developer, wants to build an additional 225,000 square feet of retail and 400 residential units in Yonkers on undeveloped land at Austin Avenue near Costco and Stew Leonard's. Dick's Sporting Goods, Marshall's and Target are said to be the retail moving into the space.

Greenburgh officials are concerned the $115 million plan will impact traffic on Jackson Avenue and Route 9A because it sits near the Greenburgh-Yonkers border. The town met with developers Tuesday in a work session to discuss the project.

Greenburgh has unsuccessfully fought developments on the Greenburgh-Yonkers border, although a $5 million settlement with the Ridge Hill developers was agreed upon to help fund road safety improvements on Greenburgh roads.

The proposed project would include widening Sprain Road and Stew Leonard Drive, as well as adding a separate road for the residential units from Sprain Road. Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said he had heard concerns from residents living near Jackson Avenue that the project would increase traffic on that road.

“It would basically be 400 people using Jackson Avenue rather than Austin Avenue,” he said.

Yonkers residents have also expressed concerns about the project. Members of the Nepera Park-Grey Oaks Neighborhood Association fear the project will bring congestion, as well as rodents and flooding, to the area.

The Yonkers Planning Board will discuss the project Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

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Comments (4)

Omigosh, room for 225,000 square feet of retail and 400 residential units and land left over.
But with all these utilities and existing roads, there's not even enough land for Ferncliff to build (developer giving consent voluntarily) or on a quid pro quo basis (a goody in return). Mind you Target had years ago been interested in the site but nothing happened. And Ferncliff too had been interested and nothing happened but for that you can ask Abinante, then a County Legislator, why not since he led the thumbs down.
Today with over half of Ferncliff's enrollment coming from NYC, one would think that locating its facility closer to its market; locating not far from where it currently abides in Yonkers...that together these would sway Ferncliff to give up the fight but noooo! Ferncliff just loves a good fight: demolish $20 million worth of existing housing; seek a new use in lieu of that specified in the Lease; seek a 50 year lease instead of the remaining 9 years; come to the register with no money to pay either rent or for construction; tax problems; credibility problems...apparently all being surmountable since no one has taken note of them.

Meanwhile, the former WESTHelp 108 housing units continue to fall further into disrepair and the Town of Greenburgh has seen not a nickel of revenue since October 1, 2011. Yes 2011.
Yet there is an outcome which need not overcome any of these hurdles since its use complies with the Lease and yes, those making the offer are ready, willing and able to sign on the dotted line months ago. With real money of $350,000 in rent and a willingness to pay from their own pocket the $millions necessary to restore the property after Feiner purposefully allowed it to fall into disrepair.

And yet Feiner continues to play Mayfair-Knollwood's racist game.

Bear in mind, in the unlikely event that Fernwood were to persevere, tomorrow, six months from now, a year from now, rent to Greenburgh would commence only upon the completion of their construction program -- something that by itself would take two years.
A lot of ducks need to get placed in one row before Greenburgh sees the first dollar of revenue.
A very, very, costly gift that taxpayer's are making to Mayfair-Knollwood.
It's another typical year in Dog Park USA where the dogs come to you.

Hal Samis

Feiner isn't happy because now that something is being built in HIS backyard, it's bad for the neighborhood. Let's hope Mikey has the backbone to push this through. This couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

A request that the developers look at the u-turn one has to make when leaving costco (going up stew leonard drive) as well as the no left turn exit from home depot was sluffed off. The u-turn is quite dangerous right now and should be looked at today. This has nothing to do with
Nimbyism - its a safety issue.

Agreed, the traffic situation cries out for re-design.