Elmsford, Do You Approve Of The School Capital Plan?

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This drawing shows the expansions that would be added to Alice E. Grady Elementary School if voters approve the Elmsford school district's capital plan on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Elmsford Union Free School District

ELMSFORD, N.Y. — Elmsford school district residents will decide Wednesday whether they want to combine an elementary and middle school in an expansion of Alice E. Grady School, as part of the school district's capital plan.


Do you approve of the Elmsford school district's plan to consolidate the elementary and middle school?

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Do you approve of the Elmsford school district's plan to consolidate the elementary and middle school?

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The Elmsford Board of Education approved the capital plan in October, which would cost an estimated $21 million in renovations and raise taxes by an average of $340 per year. The plan would shut down the Carl L. Dixson Primary School building and expand Grady, consolidating the district's schools to one common campus along South Goodwin Avenue.

The board is collaborating with the village government in efforts to keep costs as low as possible. Elmsford Mayor Robert Williams has said that if the capital plan passes, the village would buy the Dixson building from the school district and transform it into a combined Village Hall, police headquarters and senior community center.

Williams said the village would make money from selling its old Village Hall, now at 15 S. Stone Ave.

Registered voters living in the Elmsford Union Free School District can vote Wednesday between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the music room at Grady Elementary School,, 45 Cobb Lane.

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imagine that,.... the "District Holiday Concert" is the same night as this bond vote. nothing like stacking the votes...


repeating a comment i made to the last article on this subject....

Some points to mention: it is not a onetime $340.00, this cost is annual and will be compounded by future tax rate increases to cover mandated costs. Furthermore, the $21 million project is more like a $40 million project when you consider the costs of the proposed addition, other capital needs of Grady & Hamilton and the Village cost of constructing the new Village Hall/ Police Department / Community Center ($5-8 million ballpark). The Sale of Dixon may bring at best $1million or so $s.

It was explained that the district has no debt, yet we have one of the highest costs per pupil in the County. The burdensome cost of running a District in which its performance does not translate into home value in Elmsford is impossible for property owners to sustain.

To put this into context Elmsford property owners pay some of the highest taxes in the County as a percentage of home value and receive far fewer Educational services than other Westchester Communities. A home in Elmsford worth $400,000 may pay between $9-11k in annual property tax and a home in Briarcliff worth $1.2 million may pay between $26-33k, but look at what you get in Briarcliff just in the school district, let alone recreation programs and faciliites. Elmsford pays a smaller amount but a larger percentage as compared to value, and receives far less in return.

The school district needs improvements but to spend $21 million for a new wing for grades K & 1 is flat out wrong.

Potential areas for focus: first and foremost - engaging parents in the education of their children; continue to modify and develop educational programs to have a greater impact on the students; run the District more efficiently (reduce the top heavy administration and add more teachers into the classrooms) District administration personnel have doubled since 2002; extend the time students are in the classroom not reduce it (Eliminate superintendent Monday’s and have the facility and staff engage in professional development when the students are on breaks and vacation), lower the transportation costs in the district,... a few ideas to begin the process of developing the district.

Stop this proposal now, the project is not going to provide nearly the "bang for the buck" that other measures may provide. Clean Dixon up, look at alternatives but do not continue to fleece the Elmsford taxpayers with this plan. If your only tool is a hammer, the only way to fix things will be to beat them. If you only solution is money, you can only throw money at problems. The School Board must expand its tool box and demand more from the administration.

Thanks to everyone involved in this process. Despite your particular view I believe that people generally have Elmsford’s best interest in mind.

-Justin Datino

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