Elmsford Residents Approve $32.1 Million School Budget

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ELMSFORD, N.Y. --Voters approved the Elmsford Union Free School District's $32.1 million budget for the 2014-15 school year on Tuesday.

The budget was passed 281-129. Voters also approved permission to establish a Capital Reserve 248-107.

The property tax levy will increase 0.98 percent, the lowest increase in several years for the district. It falls well below the state-mandated tax cap.

The new budget is a 2.45 percent increase in expenditures of $768.703 over the previous budget of $31,343,145.

"It takes an entire educational community to create and promote a district budget," Schools Superintendent Joseph Ricca said. "We are very appreciative to all that took the time to attend meetings; distribute information; hold focus groups; and organize community gatherings. It is because of you, and the support of our community, that we are able to move forward with support for 100 percent of our student programming.We are thrilled and we are grateful."

Trustee Betty Funny-Crosby was also re-elected with 308 votes.

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they should put a hold on all future budget increases until this school start performing better, It an abomination as it stands now. I"m in Elmsford School district. If i had to send my kinds there....I would move. as would many others in the community. no doubt, they will be asking for another budget increase next year, because of bloated administrative costs. overpaid administrators making well over 6 figures