Greenburgh Hosts Second Superintendent Candidate

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New Jersey Superintendent and Greenburgh resident Anthony Cavanna answers questions Thursday as part of a meet-and-greet at Woodlands High School.
New Jersey Superintendent and Greenburgh resident Anthony Cavanna answers questions Thursday as part of a meet-and-greet at Woodlands High School. Photo Credit: Matt Bultman

GREENBURGH, N.Y. – A New Jersey superintendent vying for the same position in Greenburgh said quality teachers, mentors and a learning plan are the keys to every student’s success.

Anthony Cavanna, a finalist for the Greenbrugh superintendent position, gave an outline of his vision for the district Thursday, pointing to a project-based approach to education, the need to engage every single student and a desire to foster good communication at all levels of the district.   

Cavanna called Greenburgh a “sleeping giant” that presents its challenges but a number of opportunities.

“I think that my candidacy is a good match for some of the challenges that Greenburgh Central 7 faces,” he said. “I think that Greenburgh Central 7 schools have not reached their full potential and I think my background and experience is a good match to help the students achieve all that they can possibly achieve."

Cavanna, the current superintendent of West Orange Public School District in Essex County, is no stranger to Greenburgh. He has lived in the town for the past 17 years. Before that, he lived in Valhalla where his children attended school.

In 2007 he unsuccessfully ran for the Greenburgh superintendent position. Cavanna said his experiences, both as a previous candidate and Greenburgh resident, would help create a mooth transition should he land the job.

“I have a lot more relevant experience,” Cavanna said referring to the first time he applied for the job.  “I think that experience will help move the district forward and address the challenges they face.”

Thursday was the second of three question and answer sessions at Woodlands High School for the final candidates of the superintendent position. 

On Wednesday, interim Superintendent and high school Principal Ronald Ross took his turn in front of the crowd at the high school cafeteria. On Friday, Robert Copeland, superintendent of Piscataway, N.J., Township Schools, will meet the community.

Cavanna, a former vice-president for the American Institutes for Research in Washington D.C. and superintendent of schools in the Old Bethpage Public School District, said his years of experience have led him to this point in his career.

“This is the job that I have been preparing for,” he said, adding that he intended to stay superintendent for “10, 12, 15, years – whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Cavanna said he would bring a top-down, bottom-up leadership approach to Greenburgh, the ability to manage a district budget and a passion for educating students.  

“This is my community,” he said

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Comments (2)

Kudos to Greenburgh Board of Ed for this finalist.

Wow, what a refreshing presentation from Mr. Cavanna!!

A superintendent candidate who showed an ability to communicate (to parents and community at large!!!), has leadership skills (cited successes), kept budgets flat in districts where he has worked, has connections to local community businesses (Regeneron and Dannon to name a few).

We need a leader who is humble enough to speak to a senior citizen (who has gone to school over 60 yrs ago!) and talk to them about what the schools at Greenburgh are doing. We need someone who can foster that public outreach while building trust and a positive"return on investment" mentality for every dollar spent (and have the fiduciary duty to back it up!).

For the parents like us, we need a leader who is not afraid to talk to parents who ask questions and want to be involved. Many parents nowadays are powerful professionals that have alot of resources and "out-of-the'box" ideas to help schools. Mr. Cavanna also proposed ways to drum up parental involvement!! Parental involvement will be key to a higher success for a child.

Bravo to Board of Ed, can't wait for the last candidate.

Another very well written article! So far, it looks like the Board has narrowed down the correct candidates that have the possibility to serve the district well. Although the public doesn't vote for the Superintendent, the transparency of this process should help to foster some trust from the community.

Back to Cavanna, it's great that he lives in the district! He would be an employee AND tax payer, with the inference that his dedication (while primarilary to the children in GC7) would also be to himself and his own tax paying family. Another positive was that Mr. Cavanna has ideas on how to gain free resources, at no expense to the district.

I'm excited to read the article on the next candidate. Good service to Greenburgh Mr. Bultman! Please continue to write impartial and informative articles about (hopefully the successes within) our district!