Greenburgh Supervisor Challenges F.A.S.T. Kids In The Pool

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Members of the Greenburgh-based F.A.S.T. Swim Team will compete against Supervisor Paul Feiner, July 31 at the Theodore D. Young Community Center.
Members of the Greenburgh-based F.A.S.T. Swim Team will compete against Supervisor Paul Feiner, July 31 at the Theodore D. Young Community Center. Photo Credit: Contributed/F.A.S.T

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- They can't run for office or vote, but a pair of 9- and 10-year-old swimmers from Greenburgh's Fairview Aquatics Swim Team will challenge Town Supervisor Paul Feiner in the pool at 1 p.m. Thursday, July 31 at the Theodore D. Young Community Center, 32 Manhattan Ave. in White Plains.

Feiner will be matched against two of the town’s fastest F.A.S.T. members in a race intended to showcase the local youth's athletic ability while encouraging character development through team sports and competition, according to a post on Feiner's Facebook page.

The supervisor will compete against 9-year-old Peyton Schales and 10-year-old Pablo Salamea over a 25-yard sprint.

Feiner said he considers himself the underdog.

"I predict that some of our F.A.S.T. team members will eventually become medal winners at future Olympic tournaments," he said. "If I am able to get close – I consider that a win for me."

F.A.S.T. is a not-for-profit Level III United States Swimming  team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction to local youth ages 5-18. The team has worked with TD Young Community Center for nearly 30 years to provide an affordable, competitive aquatics programs.

“Our team is a reflection of what the kids in this community can do when they strive for excellence. We are more than just an aquatics program. We encourage our youth to attain life-long success through the continuous development of their abilities, offering an intensive academic experience for athletes,” said Ted Dowey, director of the F.A.S.T. Swim Team.

“Thursday’s meet is an excellent opportunity to bring the Town together to celebrate the achievements of the F.A.S.T. Team youth and their coaches. Our top-notch aquatics staff works hard to help youth at every level of ability to improve their swimming skills. This competition will show the community how their hard work has served our youth and our town,” said TDYCC Commissioner Bill Carter.

For more information on the F.A.S.T. Swim Team and TDYCC’s other programming, log on to the Center's website.

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Comments (2)

if we are lucky he may sink and not comeup

$5,500,000+ net cost of Fortress Bible judgement to taxpayers; thank you Paul Feiner.

$1,200,000 (per year) of revenue (to reduce taxes) lost (3 years vacant and mounting) by not renewing the WestHELP lease; thank you Paul Feiner.

$5,000,000 for Greenburgh (pre-Referendum lease of Frank's), never happened; thank you Paul Feiner.

Cost of NYC water to Greenburgh, $1.49, cost of Greenburgh water to Greenburgh users, $5.25; thank you Paul Feiner.

Cost of Feiner's master con moments since he won office: over $25,000,000.

"Greenburgh Supervisor Challenges F.A.S. T. Kids In the Pool" is not priceless!

Hal Samis